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Recovery cylinder, standard, 125 lb capacity, 300 psi
Vendor Name:
National Refrigeration Products
URI Part Number:
Vendor Part Number:
Shipping Weight (Lbs.):
Capacity (Lbs.):
Maximum Pressure (Psi):
Maximum Recovery Capacity 80% (Lbs.):
Note 1:
Available in 400 Lb. pressure
Number of Valves:
One 2 Port
Water Capacity (Lbs.):

All NRP recovery cylinders meet ARI guidelines and DOT specifications.
It is very important to evacuate the recovery cylinders and purge the hoses to avoid introducing non-condensables in cylinders which would increase the discharge pressure. Also, a separate cylinder must be used for each type of refrigerant to avoid cross contamination.
Caution: for safety reasons it is very important to fill all cylinders by weight in accordance with the cylinder supplier’s instructions and ARI guidelines.

  • Do not overfill cylinders. Do not fill to more than 80% of the cylinder’s rated capacity.
  • Do not mix different refrigerants in one cylinder. Mixtures cannot be separated.
  • Always wear rubber gloves and safety goggles when transferring refrigerant.
  • Always use cylinders approved for recovery.
  • Cylinder for use with R410A must be DOT spec 4BA400.
  • NC30, NC30U, NC50, NC50U are approved for R410A.
    Standard cylinders for use with R11, R12, R22, R113, R114, R134a, R500, R502 and Blends
    Very high pressure cylinders for use with R13, R23, and R503