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Student Notebook
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Student Notebook
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The most comprehensive and popular Flame Safeguard textbook available in our industry. It's where the beginners begin and where the Old Pros return year after year and problem after problem. 362 pages. 2nd edition.

  • Introduction to Flame Safeguard - Flame Safeguard functions and controls.
  • Combustion - explanation of fuel types and flame characteristics.
  • Burners and Boilers - description of representative burners and boilers.
  • Flame Rod Application - design and installation of flame rods and rectification systems.
  • Optical Detector Applications - description, operation, application and checkout of detectors; covering rectifying photocells, infrared, and ultraviolet detectors.
  • Primary Controls - capabilities and operation of primary controls (RA890, R4795 and R7795) used on smaller burners
  • Programming Controls - capabilities and operation of programming controls (R4140 and BC7000 Microcomputer Programmable Controls.
  • Troubleshooting FSG Systems - outlines systematic procedures for isolating common Flame Safeguard problems.
  • Service Equipment - description and operation of testers, simulators and meters.
  • Auxiliary Equipment - description, operation, application and checkout of pressure and temperature controllers.
  • Valves and Valve Trains - description and application of typical Flame Safeguard valves and valve trains.
  • Sizing and Application of Large Gas Valves - principles and procedures for selecting gas valves (includes selection nomographs).
  • Firing Rate Controls - covers methods for controlling firing rate, firing rate sequences, programmer switching, motors and valves.
  • Glossary - Flame Safeguard terminology.
    Student notebook contains review questions to be used in conjunction with the textbook.