Our knowledgeable staff
makes sure you get exactly
what you need.
United saves you time and money in 3 important ways

Optimized Sizing and Selection

Once you walk into one of our branches, a United employee can help you with product selection and sizing, to give you confidence that you're leaving with the best, most economical solution for both your HVAC/R projects and your business. We know your reputation depends on a quality installation, so we will do everything we can to make sure your project goes smoothly.

Our job does not end when you leave, we offer a full customer service experience before, during and after your project is complete.

Helpful Advice

Most of our branch employees have decades of professional refrigeration and HVAC experience under their belts and intensive training from our vendors. They've been on job sites just like you, worrying over every little detail. So they anticipate what you may need for your project. They can help you find what you need, or put it together to pick up the moment you or your tech arrives, so you don't waste time waiting instead of working.

URI's total project service ensures that you won't be coming back again and again for items you may have overlooked.

Support Beyond the Ordinary

Our ordinary service is actually quite extraordinary, considering the alternatives. Our staff can advise you on almost any project. Branch employees and regional specialists frequently visit jobsites to review particularly challenging issues and troubleshoot problem installations.

However if and when you need help beyond the capabilities of our own staff, we have access to technical information and experts from every major manufacturer we represent. URI frequently schedules contractor training seminars at your local branch to help train young technicians on the basics, or to introduce the newest refrigeration techniques to the journeyman.