Semi-hermetic compressors are sometimes seen as the “best of both worlds,” falling between the welded-sealed hermetic styles & unenclosed “open” styles. Shop United’s voluminous selection of only the highest-quality semi-hermetic compressors, accessories & installation kits today!

More About Semi Hermetic Compressors

Semi Hermetic Compressors:

By enclosing the motors & compressors in separate shells, and those shells being bolted closed rather than welded, semi-hermetic compressors offer many of the same performance benefits as fully hermetic compressors while being easier to service, repair, & replace than welded hermetic shell models. Expect United to offer semi-hermetic replacement options from trusted manufacturers like Copeland and Carlyle & Bitzer, and OEM options from Trane, Carlyle, & more; and don’t forget about the accessories, replacement parts, or tools needed to get the job done right.