Tools Clean-Up

On occasion, the installation & maintenance of a Refrigeration or HVAC system can get a bit messy, and even smelly. Since you can’t leave the job site in anything but pristine condition, take solace in United Refrigeration stocking the equipment & job site cleaning chemicals and products needed to leave things in even better condition than they were when you first arrived!

More About Tools & Clean Up

Tools & Clean Up:

Everybody loves to make a mess; we know this because we sometimes do too. But gone are the days when you could count on someone else to clean up after you; plus it’s your reputation at stake, so why not shop our extensive collection of Cleaners & Clean-up Tools to find items like Air Fresheners, Chemical Absorbents, Hand Cleaner, handheld Power washers & accessories, and make sure you grab lots of Rags, Tarps & Bags for your team – after all: You need to help keep your customer’s homes & businesses, and your company reputation, as squeaky clean as you can; don’t you?