An extensive assortment of Glycols, cleaners & degreasers, leak detection & sealants, protectors, treatments & solvents all in one location; because no profit can be made if you’re spending all day driving around to get all of the Chemicals & supplies needed to finish the project; true?

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United is more than just ½ our name: We’ve brought together a category-leading assemblage of over 300 varieties of Coil Cleaners & Degreasers, Refrigerant Treatments, Adhesives & Threadlock, Glycols, Leak Detection & Leak Sealant fluids, Coatings, Treatments & Solvents for almost any application, from industry leaders like Nu-Calgon, National Chemicals, Refrigeration Technologies, Diversitech, Rectorseal, Loctite and dozens more. Take a deep dive into our diverse gathering of Chemicals today!