Evaporative Cooling

Ideally suited for, but not limited to, hotter & drier regions, Evaporative Cooling can be an extremely cost-effective cooling solution that is based on proven scientific principles. Naturally, United has all of the equipment & peripheral accessories you need to install & service these systems.

More About Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling:

For applications where having the existing warm air inside a structure removed is less critical to the comfort needs within, Evaporative Cooling can be 2x-3x more operationally efficient than even the highest-efficiency Central Air Conditioner, and is a fraction of the installation & operational cost of most “modern” Central Air systems. United Refrigeration is pleased to offer a large selection of Phoenix Manufacturing (PMI) Evaporative Coolers in various output capacities & discharge options, and we have all of the installation and operational accessories to complete your next residential or commercial installation project. Take a trip to your local URI branch & speak with one of our system professionals for project design assistance, or just more information.