A filter is often the last line of defense between airborne particulates, allergens & dirt, and your customers’ lungs. When the Quality of your customers’ Indoor Air matters, count on United Refrigeration to carry filters for just about every application.

More About Filters


Don’t let a poor quality, poor fitting or dirty filter be the downfall of your next project. United recognizes the importance of a high-quality, well-fitting filter, which is why we proudly offer filters in over 1000 sizes, shapes & thicknesses, to meet your exact needs. Available in a wide range of disposable & washable materials like Fiberglass, Aluminum, Hog Hair, Poly-Synthetic & Foam (the last 2 available in either pre-cut & framed pads or extended-length rolls for custom fits); and we carry the replacement media, electrostatic & prefilter you need for your customer’s Air Cleaner. If we don’t already stock the exact filter you need, just ask & we can get it for you!