Because you can’t spell the word Refrigeration without Refrigerant: United Refrigeration proudly carries 100 – yes; one hundred - different varieties & container sizes of Refrigerant Gases, most locally stocked and ready for your next order (refrigerant purchases require prior verification of EPA 608 certification status).

More About Refrigerants


United is proud of its relationship with National Refrigerants, arguably the industry leader in Refrigerant manufacturing, reclamation, recovery & lab analysis services. Browse through our unsurpassed assortment of R22 Alternatives like R407a & R407c, R422a and b, R448a or R449a. Shop the multiple R12 replacement options such as R134a, R401a, or R401b; or go even deeper with R134a replacement alternatives like R1234 (yf or ze), R450a, or R513a. And you’ll be glad you remembered the extra reclamation tanks, labels for the tanks, and analytical testing kits to verify exactly what’s inside that last reclamation.