From the smallest of residential dwellings to the largest of commercial facilities and every occupied structure in between, keeping your customer’s HVAC systems operating is critical to your business’s reputation. When you need to find a new HVAC motor to get that system up & running without haste, the professionals at United have precisely the one you need. Browse our extensive selection today!

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HVAC Motors:

Trust United’s 75+ years of experience to know the subtle differences between fan motors, blower motors & draft-inducer motors, and to help you find the exact OEM Replacement or special application model that your next replacement project calls for. We only carry top-quality HVAC motors from manufacturers synonymous with quality & reliability like Fasco, IRP, Century, Packard, US Motors, Ventamatic, Marathon, and more. Most are available in multiple horse-powers, shaft lengths & diameters, housing dimensions, RPM’s, and mounting configurations. Don’t hesitate to start a chat session with one of our live technical support agents for additional assistance in locating & selecting the HVAC motor that’s right for you!

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