Water Treatments

When the integrity of your Company can be damaged by the poor quality of your Customer’s water, be thankful that United Refrigeration carries the Water Treatment solutions for Bacteria, Fungi, Scaling & Corrosion Control you need to make the most from almost any water source.

More About Water Treatments

Water Treatments:

United Refrigeration carries only the best Water Treatment solutions for the reduction and/or removal of Algae, Lime, Calcium, Rust, and many more harmful or undesirable elements commonly found in today’s water supplies. From trusted brands such as Nu-Calgon, Rectorseal, National Chemicals, Diversitech, Refrigeration Technologies and more, shop our impressive collection of Bacteria, Fungi, Scale & Corrosion Control products today – because with our water supplies in constant jeopardy, you will likely need many of these products sooner than you think.