Before there were the enclosures used in hermetic & semi-hermetic compressors, they were open and separate from their drive motors & only connected by gears, belts, & pulleys. You can trust United to help you find the correct replacement for your open compressor applications, from trusted OEM manufacturers like Blissfield, Genuine Carlyle, GEA Grasso, & Brainerd.

About Open Compressors

Open Compressors:

More frequently found in older appliances and large commercial & industrial settings, open compressors do not share a common housing with their drive motors and can often be driven by non-electric sources like a diesel engine or a steam turbine. Fortunately for your customers, United offers more than just the replacement compressor: by carrying a large selection of installation-related accessories, servicing tools, gauges, & meters, our goal is to make your next compressor maintenance, repair, or replacement go as smoothly as possible.