VRV-VRF System

Looking for a single-source distributor with both the equipment and expertise to support your Installation & Servicing of VRV-VRF systems? Look no further than United Refrigeration.

More About VRV/VRF Systems

VRV/VRF Systems:

For both new Commercial and select Residential projects requiring the perfect balance of installation flexibility, modular scalability, & proven reliability, a Variable Refrigerant Volume / Variable Refrigerant Flow (a.k.a. “VRV-VRF”) system might be unsurpassed; but it also relies heavily on a perfect combination of the right equipment being paired with the right technical expertise. We are proud of our longstanding partnership with Daikin – not just one of today’s leading manufacturers of VRV-VRF systems, but also credited as the original inventor of VRV-VRF systems almost 40 years ago – and you can count on United Refrigeration to be your one stop shop for the best in VRV-VRF system products, accessories, & solutions.