Local and regional
inventory to get you back
on the job fast.
With branches and distribution centers across the country, united is truly united.

Everything you need, all in one place

Any one of our 375+ branches can get you out of the door equipped to handle your entire project all in one stop. From equipment, components, parts, tools and supplies we have everything you need for both HVAC & Refrigeration. In the rare case a branch may not have exactly what you need, odds are that it's either in another local branch or in one of our nearby distribution centers. Our branch can point you in the right direction or have it available for future pick up.

Nothing missing, no excuses

We do everything we can to make your visit productive and efficient. That is why all United branches are integrally connected. Any branch can locate a part online anywhere in the country, helping our customers solve their problems faster. If we don't have it locally, we'll get it for you quickly, sometimes the very next day. That's just one of the many ways United is the one-stop for all your HVAC/Refrigeration need.