intelliGen™ Field Mount (iFM)

The intelliGen™ Field Mount (iFM) Kit by Heatcraft is designed to install in the field for new unit coolers without factory mounted controls or retrofit of existing unit coolers with mechanical control to to utilize the latest electronic control technology for refrigeration. It can be remote mounted up to 40 feet from the unit cooler at a convenient location for easy access. The iFM kit is universal fit for all air and electric defrost unit coolers for refrigeration.

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• Pre-assembled, wall-mount controller assembly

- intelliGen™ main control board and display board inside water resistant plastic housing with connection cable

• 3x temperature sensors (with 25ft leads)

• Pressure transducer with harness (25ft)

• Terminal board with screws and accessories

• Easy-to-follow wiring diagram

• User manual

• INTUITVE design - User-friendly interface for easy install and service

• SIMPLE setup - Quick Start system configuration allows for setup in minutes, not hours.

• SMART servicing - Reduce diagnosis, service and downtime with intuitive user interface, data logging an optional remote monitoring.


The intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller is an electronic control that delivers reliable operation and system performance. intelliGen helps reduce food spoilage by maintaining better temperature control and provides energy savings through optimizing defrosts.

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Retrofit Kits for Beacon II
and QRC Part Number

intelliGen™ retrofit kits unify your existing Heatcraft Beacon II™ Refrigeration Controller or Quick Response Controller™ (QRC) systems into ONE smart, intuitive control platform.



1. Center Mount unit cooler models use 89730201 or 89730202 kit part numbers only.
2. Low Velocity Center Mount unit cooler models are based on the capacity digits in the model number for the kit size and part number.
3. Medium Profile unit coolers have greater than 30 Amp draw with large defrost heaters use kit part number 89730307 and 89730308.
4. intelliGen is not available for Low Profile models with 208-230/3/60 and 460/1/60.
5. intelliGen is not available for Low Velocity Center Mount models with 460/1/60.