Paragon® Defrost Timers:

Advanced Solutions for Reliable Refrigeration

When it comes to ensuring the efficiency and reliability of refrigeration systems, Paragon® Defrost Timers stand out as the industry standard. Designed for robust performance and longevity, these timers offer precise control over defrost cycles, catering to various refrigeration needs.

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The Paragon® 8000 Series is renowned for its durable construction and dependable operation. Key features include:

• Heavy-Duty Metal Gears: Designed to extend the life of the timer by reducing wear

• Silver-Plated Contacts: Ensures longer life and reliable performance

• Positive Switch Slider Bar: Rated for 30,000 cycles, this feature ensures consistent switching

• Proper Contact Alignment: Minimizes arching and prevents shortened life cycles

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The Paragon® 9000 Series offers versatility and advanced features, making it a top choice for modern refrigeration systems:

• Universal Compatibility: Works with both 120V and 240V systems, reducing the need for multiple timers

• Easy Programming: Simple setup process ensures quick installation and adjustment

• Battery Backup: Maintains settings even during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted operation

• Quick Defrost Option: Offers a 15-minute defrost cycle for rapid and efficient defrosting

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Why Choose Paragon® Defrost Timers?

• Reliability and Longevity: Paragon® timers are built with high-quality materials and precise engineering, ensuring they perform reliably under demanding conditions

• Efficient Operation: With features like battery backup and quick defrost options, Paragon® timers help maintain the efficiency of your refrigeration system, reducing downtime and energy consumption

• Easy to Use: Paragon® defrost timers are designed for easy installation and programming, making them user-friendly for both technicians and end-users

• Comprehensive Support: Paragon® provides extensive documentation and support to help you get the most out of your defrost timers