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Cooling tower, galvanized steel, 80 tons, 5 HP, 77-3/4" L x 95-1/2" W x 108" H
Vendor Name:
Marley Cooling Tech
URI Part Number:
Vendor Part Number:
Length (In.):
77 3/4
Width (In.):
95 1/2
Height (In.):
Shipping Weight (Lbs.):
Motor Horsepower:
Nominal Capacity (Tons):
Operating Weight (Lbs.):
  • Induced-Draft Design. Save on fan power and avoid the water leaks typical in forced-draft pressurized towers. The fan will operate in a warm atmosphere even in winter, so you'll never have to work on frozen mechanical equipment.
  • Crossflow Design. Save on pump power because you only pay to move the water to the top of the tower. Gravity does the rest. The mechanical equipment and water distribution system are out where you can easily maintain them.
  • All-Season Reliability. Aquatowers perform as specified in the heat of summer. They respond well to energy management techniques in the spring and fall and with appropriate fan controls, they can operate virtually ice-free in the dead of winter. Plus they offer simple maintenance all year long.
  • Proven Corrosion Protection. Thousands of users over more than 40 years confirm the value of heavy galvanizing. And Marley's G-235 is the most effective galvanizing used in the industry.
  • PVC Film Fill with Integral Drift Eliminators and Louvers. If you've ever had to replace deteriorated
    eliminators or louvers, you'll appreciate this advantage. Now those components are molded right in the PVC fill sheets.
    Integral honeycomb louvers keep the circulating water inside your tower and off your roof!
  • Simple, Flexible Installation. Just mount the motor, belts and belt guard, install the outlet connection that suits your needs; both side suction and bottom outlet are provided.
    Nominal tons are based upon 95°F Inlet Water, 85°F Outlet Water, 78°F wet bulb, and 3 GPM/Ton.