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No Longer Available
Temperature control, electronic, remote sensor, -30 to 212°F, 1 to 30°F differential, NEMA 4X, SPDT, 8 Amps 240 Volt, 120, 208/240 Vac
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Vendor Name:
Johnson Controls
URI Part Number:
Vendor Part Number:
Shipping Weight (Lbs.):
Contact Rating (Amps):
1 to 30°F
Humidity (% RH):
0 - 95
Input Voltage:
120/240 Vac, 60 Hz
Lead Length:
9 3/4
Operating Ambient (°F):
-30 to 140
Temperature (°F):
-30 to 212
120, 208/240

The A419 Series control is a single-stage, electronic temperature control with a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) output relay. It has a lockable keypad, adjustable anti-short cycle delay, and binary input for temperature offset.

  • Displays temperature and other function status—custom icons indicate system status at a glance, digital display allows precise setpoint setting
  • Concealed jumper deters unauthorized changes to control settings
  • Allows the user to shift the setpoint by an adjustable amount based on the status of an external switch, such as a time clock
  • Notifies the user in the event of temperature sensor/wiring failure, and whether the circuit has failed open or shorted; allows the user to select output on or output off as the control default
  • Allows the user to determine how rapidly the control can cycle the load off and on
  • Current draw: 1.8 VA maximum
  • Operating ambient: -30 to 140°F
  • Operation humidity: 0-95% relative humidity
  • Remote sensing applications up to 800'
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