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Condensing unit, air cooled, single bitzer semi-hermetic compressor, low temp, R404A, R507, 15 HP, 208-230/3/60, w/ receiver
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Trenton Refrigeration Products
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Polyol Ester
Receiver Capacity 90 % Full (Lbs.):
Receiver Included:
R404A, R507
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
  • Designed for use with R22, R404A, R507 and R407C.
  • Energy efficient compressors with POE. Several Options to choose from: Copeland Discus, Bitzer reciprocating.
  • Single, Dual and parallel-piped(optional) compressor configurations available.
  • ThermospanTM condenser core design eliminates tube sheet leaks and provides reliable operation.
  • 3/8" condenser tubes reduces refrigerant charge.
  • Generously sized condenser allows unit to operate at higher than normal ambient conditions.
  • Optional coating and fin surfaces for condenser core protection available.
  • Receivers (where used) are liberally sized and include inlet as well as outlet service valves.
  • Subcooling circuit in condenser on all models (except high temperature H8 models) increases overall system efficiency and provides dependable compressor operation.
  • Utilizes pre-formed internal piping, eliminates welded joints and reduces chances of a leak.
  • Electrical components are housed in a spacious and conveniently located panel. In case of a compressor trip, (except on air conditioning models) a Lock-out relay de-energizes the liquid line solenoid valve. In addition, SPDT contact is provided for field wired alarm circuit.
  • End compartment panels allow unrestricted access to service the compressor(s) and all other components.
  • Units are available with energy efficient Thermosaver™ hot gas defrost option.
  • Units are environmently friendly operating on less power and refrigerant charge.

Standard Features include:

  • Spring mount compressor with discharge and suction vibration eliminator.
  • Compressor head cooling fans on low temperature models
  • Compressor crankcase heater
  • Flexible hose on all compressor pressure control connections
  • Two valve adjustable (pre-set at factory) Low Ambient head pressure control.
  • Condenser fan cycling control (pressure) on two-fan models.
  • Fused condenser fan motors
  • Receiver inlet/outlet valves and safety pressure relief valve
  • Replaceable liquid line drier & sight glass
  • Anti-short cycle time delay relay
  • Oil failure control (non-electronic)
  • Separate HP and LP compressor controls.
  • Lock out relay.
  • Sub-cooling circuit on medium and low temperature units.

Factory installed

Optional Features

  • Suction accumulator (with or without heat exchanger)
  • Replaceable suction filter
  • Insulated suction lines.
  • Crankcase Pressure Regulating valve
  • Compressor capacity control available where applicable
  • Discharge line check valve
  • Hot gas bypass tees / regulating valves / de-superheating TXV
  • Oil separator
  • Oversized condenser (except largest unit)
  • Oversized receiver
  • Heated and insulated receiver
  • Thermosaver™ defrost.
  • Disconnect switch (fused or non-fused).
  • Electronic Oil failure control
  • Voltage / Phase monitor
  • Defrost Time clock
  • Defrost Heater / Evaporator Fan Contactors with fuse block
  • Single point electrical service hook up for evaporator and controls
  • Discharge line thermostat

  • Models include sealed liquid line filter drier, sight glass and defrost timer