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No Longer Available
Ultraviolet biocide, enviracaire, return air, coil
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Honeywell Home
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Return Air, Coil
  • Extended lamp life
  • SmartLamp™ Control Algorithm determines optimal UV lamp usage, extends lamp life 5 times, lowers operating costs
  • SmartLamp™ LED shows lamp life and replacement
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Communicates with other home appliances through Enviracom™ three-wire communications bus
  • Automatic brownout and high temperature protection for UV lamps
  • Return air models supplied with integrated airflow sensor to monitor air flowing through ductwork timer after lamp replacement with extended five-second hold
  • UV-C light kills airborne and surface bacteria
  • UV lamp does not produce ozone
  • Easy lamp maintenance with quick and easy lamp replacement
  • Sealed unit design prevents accidental installer and homeowner contact with high voltage and UV rays
  • Safe design prevents lamps from lighting unless the base is correctly mounted on the HVAC duct
  • Light pipe to safely view the lamp operation
  • Five-year limited warranty
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