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Wire Harness, 9-Wire, 10 Ft., w/ Gauge Wires and Connections for Controller
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The KE2 Evap Supermarket Retrofit kit (21096KE2) is a complete package for upgrading walk-ins, and refrigerated rooms, to improve the operating environment. It is proven to reduce or eliminate icing issues, provides remote monitoring and control, and is third party verified as an energy saving controller.
The kit includes: Evap controller (20178), mounting box (20687), wire harness (20687), Ethernet adaptor kit (20938) and door switch (20543).

  • Up to 20% energy savings over existing technology
  • Up to 86% reduction in defrost cycles over conventional methods; demand vs time defrost
  • Payback regularly 24 months or less
  • Maximizes energy efficiency with less compressor run time resulting from fewer and shorter defrosts
  • Re-humidification of conditioned space to increase product shelf life
  • Controls evaporator fans, room temperature, EEV, compressor/liquid line solenoid, defrost heaters, multiple alarms
  • Communicates to PC, smart phone or tablet computer allowing control of the KE2 Evap remotely, wherever internet service is available; receive alarm alerts/text message right to your phone, computer, or tablet
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