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Polyol ester oil, Solest 150 (700 SUS), 5 Gal.
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National Lubricants
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5 Gal.
ISO Grade:
Viscosity at 100°F (SUS):
Viscosity at 40°C (cSt):

National Refrigerants is now supplying several Solest lubricants. The Solest products are high quality polyol ester synthetic lubricants designed for use with air conditioning and industrial refrigeration compressors. They extend the viscosity range of the current National line. They are excellent choices for initial fill, service and retrofit applications.

  • Solest LT32: specifically designed for very low temperature applications. Good miscibility with R404A eliminating the need for 2 different lubricants in a cascade system.
  • Solest 46: Used in centrifugal, reciprocating and rotary vane compressors.
  • Solest 68: Used in a wide variety of compressor units.
  • Solest 100: Mostly used in scroll and screw compressors.
  • Solest 120: Provides good oil return in screw applications.
  • Solest 150, 170, 180: Used mainly in Bitzer and Carlyle screw application.
  • Solest 220: Mostly used in large screw type applications with R134a.
  • CP4214-150, CP-4214-320: complex ester lubricants that cannot be used with HFC refrigerants. They provide good oil return in screw type applications with R22.
  • Solest 370: Used mostly in screw type applications with HFC refrigerants
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