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Condensing unit, air cooled, semi-hermetic compressor, low temp, high efficiency, beacon, R22, R404A, R507, 30 HP, 460/3/60, w/ receiver
Vendor Name:
URI Part Number:
Length (In.):
Width (In.):
44 1/2
Height (In.):
55 1/2
Shipping Weight (Lbs.):
Low Temp
Compressor New:
Connection Liquid (In.):
1 1/8
Connection Suction (In.):
2 1/8
Connection Type:
MCA (Amps):
Polyol Ester
Receiver Capacity 90 % Full (Lbs.):
142 (R22) 123 (R404A)
Receiver Included:
R22, R404A, R507
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm- For more information go to

Larkin Refrigeration Products is pleased to present the latest in innovative electronic controls - the Beacon®, on our 10 - 40 hp LDVS units. The Beacon is an electric expansion valve controlled by a microprocessor that uses a flashing signal to indicate system performance, including superheat. The Beacon replaces the TXV, solenoid valve, time clock, head pressure control valve, and defrost termination controls. By continuous monitoring of system performance, the head pressure on a Beacon system can be lowered in cooler ambients resulting in energy savings comparable to the mechanical energy control system. The Beacon components come factory installed and wired for quicker installations. Temperature sensors have been placed in optimum locations for stable performance. We have also preset the system defaults to work with most standard installations. Superheat is preset at 8°F. All the contractor has to do is run the tubing and 24 volt (low voltage) thermostat wire. Settings are easily changed on the board via dipswitches. With its unique design, the Beacon will also assist the service technician in diagnosing a problem (e.g., faulty sensor or pressure switch cutout).
In addition to the Beacon control system, we also offer the Smart Controller™ that can direct the operation of the Beacon board up to 1500' from the unit. This controller will adjust superheat settings, defrost periods and room temperatures. Also, the Smart Controller can be locked to prevent unauthorized tampering of settings. Recently, Larkin announced the use of the Smart Defrost™ feature that monitors the frosting of the coil and will only defrost the coil when there is a frost load. The advantages of all three of these systems will be obvious to the service contractor that has to climb onto racks in cold warehouses in order to set controls or diagnose performance.

  • Receiver capacity for R404A. For R22 multiply by 1.14
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