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Thick poly jacket, black, R4.2 insulation, 25' L x 14" diameter
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Generic Flexible Duct
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Manufactured with a black, heavy-duty polyethylene jacket which complies with the HUD requirements for outdoor mobile home or modular home installation. Designed to be used as: a supply and return air duct connecting a selfcontained HVAC system to the main air duct of a mobile or modular home; a complete air duct system and/or branch duct when a horizontal or upflow HVAC system is used in a mobile or modular home; and as a crossover air duct to join the main air ducts of a doublewide mobile or modular home.

  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Rated positive pressure: 10" w.g.
  • Recommended operating pressures:
    Maximum positive: 4" w.g. (8" and 10" dia.); 2" w.g.(12" and 14" dia.)
  • Maximum velocity: 5,000 fpm
  • Maximum operating temperatures:
    -20°F to 140° continuous ( maximum pressure)
    -20°F to 180°F continuous ( 2" pos. w.g. maximum)
    -20°F to 250°F intermittent ( 1/2" pos. w.g. maximum)
  • UL Listed
  • Priced per foot. 25 feet per box
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