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Klo-Shure® insulation coupling, 4-1/8" tubing OD x 1" wall
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4 1/8

The Klo-Shure® insulation coupling reduces the time required to insulate copper tubing used for refrigerant lines, hot and cold water plumbing, and chilled water systems. The patented coupling allows sections of closed-cell, elastomeric insulation to be secured at suspension points. This eliminates having to double wrap, glue, and tape insulation at clevis hangers and strut mounted clamps. It can also be used to simply secure two lengths of insulation.
They can be slit open to facilitate installation, and secured with the provided metal clip. They also can be used unopened by sliding the coupling over tubing as it is installed. No special tools, glue, or tape are required. Recommended for pipe fitters to support and level tubing during installation. This allows insulation to be secured in seconds.
These part numbers include Klo-Shure® coupling, clamp halves with welded fastener and locknut.

  • Complete, superior vapor barrier at suspension point without gluing and taping
  • Dramatically improves finished physical appearance of insulated tube runs
  • Eliminates insulation compression at suspension points
  • Faster installation, lower labor and material costs.
  • No messy adhesives, taping, insulation bulges