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$ 1.78
PVC tubing, schedule 40, 3/4" nominal pipe size
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Generic Fitting
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Standard length 20 ft. If operating temperature is above 73°F, working pressure must be de-rated. Not recommended for use in compressed air or gas systems. Handles commercial and industrial applications in which metal pipe will not withstand the reactive effects of chemicals or other corrosive materials. Light weight facilitates installation with conventional tools and piping techniques. Manufactured in U.S.A. to ASTM material and dimensional standards. Schedule 40 PVC and Schedule 40 and 80 CPVC meet material standard ASTM D-1784. Schedule 40 PVC meets dimensional standard ASTM D-1785 and Schedule 40 and 80 CPVC meet dimensional standard ASTM F-441. NSF certified for potable water service to standard 14/61.

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