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$ 107.80
Airflow Balancing Meter, Smart Phone Compatible
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Automatic Airflow Balancing
Airflow Balancing Meter, Smart Phone Compatible
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The ABM100 Airflow Balancing Meter is an anemometer that fits in your pocket.
You can download the free app and plug in your ABM100 meter. Enter the grille or duct dimensions and then hold it up to a grille or duct opening, your phone does the rest. By using a series of algorithms the ABM automatically calculates the airflow volume. The ABM100 also provides the ability to automatically adjust the free space calculation if a grille is present. It has the ability to add comments with each reading if desired.

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and all major Android devices
  • Measures airflow in:
    Linear Feet Per Minute
    Cubic Feet Per Minute
    Cubic Meters Per Hour
    Linear Meters Per Second
  • Accurate to ± 0.5% of the reading at up to 15° off-axis
  • Range is from 160 FPM (1 m/s) to 11,000 FPM (56 m/s)
  • Resolution is .19 FPM (0.001 m/s)
  • Rugged and eco-friendly packaging that serves as a reusable storage case
  • Sends onsite professional reports by email